Collaborative Office Space from an Old Bank Building

Project Description

Sitting at the top of the Oregon City Public Elevator, this building, originally a bank, had seen many tenants before being bought and gutted by our client.  Concrete floors, walls and ceiling were revealed as old drywall and dropped ceilings were torn out.  The client wanted to create a fun atmosphere in their new office that would enable them to work collaboratively while still creating separate areas for meeting with clients. 

Upon entering, the lobby offers views through the glass walls into most of the office, eliminating the need for a receptionist.  Instead, the lobby is furnished as more of a living room, with colorful seating and bold lighting. In the adjacent Workroom,” two huge wooden desk surfaces accommodate four people.  The company logo is displayed on the back wall, sheathed in plywood.  Opposite, four large works of art match the over-sized scale of the desks and reference local landmarks.  In the conference room, otherwise known as the Fishbowl,” glass walls on three sides blur visual boundaries while still allowing for private presentations.  Overhead lighting is mid-century in style.  
An additional conference room/ collaboration space was created from the original bank vault, which boasts 12” thick concrete walls.  The Vault was brought to life by adding a large, floor to ceiling E” for Elevate to the back wall and dry erase surfacing on an adjacent wall for brainstorming.  Additionally, the kitchen boasts open shelving and a petite Smeg refrigerator to  carry the client’s vision throughout the rooms.


Elevate Wealth Advisors


Fall 2016


business, case study, office